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In Loving Memory of Starr!!!!

November 5, 2009
When I went to my vet early this morning he felt that they had done all they could and that she was not responding, so we decided it was time to let her go. It will take me a long time to adjust to her absence downstairs where she has been most of the time over the past several years. She was a wonderful, friendly little dog who never fought, bit, or showed any kind of aggressive behavior in her life. Her last years were a little tough since she lost most of her vision, but she was still in good health and active up to the end. I hated seeing her in such distress the past two nights, but the rest of her life was stress free and happy, so I hope she crossed that Rainbow Bridge peacefully and will be there to greet me one day.


This is a photo I took of Little Starr when I first got her in the summer of l991. Today she is 15 and a half and will turn 16 on June 6th. She is still healthy and active, although her hearing is very poor and there have been some changes in her vision. To look at her you would think she is still a young dog. I'll try to find a shot of her which is more recent. She still has a great disposition.
Tom B

This is Starr as a baby.

Starr at 15 years young !!!

Starr and her buddies !




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