Please Read The Contract Below Before Purchasing a Puppy.

Skyview Kennel


Take the vaccination record to your veterinarian within 48 hours of purchase . A copy of the veterinary bill and information needs to be sent to Skyview Kennel within 10 days of purchase for the contract to be honored. It is very important that you continue a worming/vaccination schedule - However - if your veterinarian administers worming and/or vaccinations within 10 days of the last vaccination/worming on the medical record, the contract is void. Puppies will need boosters etc., but not a repeat of the vaccinations and wormings that the puppy has already been given. Adult size and weight are not guaranteed by the breeder.

Your puppy has been given a check up by Skyview Kennelís veterinarian and is guaranteed to be in good health and free of communicable diseases on the day of sale. If within 48 hours after the buyer takes possession of the puppy, the puppy is found by a licensed veterinarian not to be in good health, the buyer may return the puppy to the breeder at the buyerís expense. Skyview Kennelís veterinarian will then recheck the puppy and contact your veterinarian to discuss the puppyís health. Breeder is not responsible for any expenses incurred after the purchase of the puppy. Breeder is not responsible for hypoglycemia in the puppy and puppy will not be replaced or money refunded because of hypoglycemia. Luxating patellas must be diagnosed on the first puppy check. Only grade three or greater will be covered under this guarantee and surgery must be performed within one year from the birth date.  Health warranty does not include kennel cough or coccidia. Kennel cough is like a common cold and must run its course and on its own is not life-threatening.

If within one year, the puppy is found to have a congenital defect, you must return the puppy to the breeder at buyers expense with a written statement from a licensed veterinarian.  If the puppy dies within one year from birth date, the buyer will have the an autopsy done to determine the cause of death. If cause of death is congenital, the puppy will be replaced within six months or as soon as a puppy of same quality is available. Buyer must notify the seller immediately of the licensed veterinarianís decision and have two additional reports from two unassociated veterinarians stating the same problem. No puppy will be replaced if the puppy has been euthanized without the sellerís knowledge or permission.

Purchase price of the puppy will not be returned for any reason! Especially if you change your mind. This is a LIFETIME commitment.

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                  Connie Heidebrecht



Please realize the time and money required for your new addition. Your puppy will love you unconditionally and provide you with many hours of happiness and companionship. A puppy only asks in return that you love him or her, a comfortable place to sleep, fresh water, good quality food, toys, exercise, necessary vet care, love and respect.

Puppies need to be taught good manners. Some puppies learn easily, others take more time and patience. It is your responsibility to see that your puppy is loved and cared for. Please donít let young children hold the puppy unless they are sitting down. A puppy can easily be dropped and hurt. Children need to be taught to respect and love the puppy - do not bother the puppy while it sleeps, eats, etc. There is a time to eat, a time to rest, and a time to play. Children need to learn that the puppy will be the best friend they can have, but need to learn how to love them.

If your puppy doesnít eat - try boiled rice, cooked hamburger, cottage cheese, yogurt. A puppy needs to eat four meals a day. If your puppy is a tiny breed, you can give the puppy a teaspoon of honey or light corn syrup twice a day. You need to feed a good quality puppy food the first year - their stools will be firm and that will help with the housebreaking. If a puppy does get loose stools, it could be because of stress of new home, different schedule, different food, water, he/she has to get used to a new lifestyle, so give the puppy time to adjust. Should this happen, give the puppy a tablespoon of pumpkin two-three times a day.

Your little puppy needs rest, he/she is going thru a very trying time in his/her new road of life. New home, new conditions, different water, new sleeping quarters, new toys, new family, everything he/she hears, sees, etc., is new to the puppy. Some adjust quicker than others, give them time - donít grab for the puppy, let the puppy come to you.

Thank you for giving your puppy a loving, caring home.