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This gorgeous guy is Turbo. I live with my Mom and Breeder Connie at Skyview Kennel !

Also Turbo's buddy Missy



"Turbo" and "Missy"

"We sure wish mom would get off that computer, she must be selling puppies !"




This is "Wrigley", he is a beautiful male Papillon from Skyview Kennel, happy and healthy in his new home in Pueblo, Colorado.


This is "Cali" Another gorgeous Papillon. She lives in her new home in Michigan.

" Thank you Connie for Spicey and Cali they are the most wonderful , beautiful dogs I have ever had. They are very healthy and happy and we couldn't be happier. Maybe there's a third one in our future, if so we will definitely come to you!!   Thanks again, Cindy, Cali and Spicey "

This is "Spicey Girl" Mini Daschund. She also lives in Michigan with her owner Cindy!


This is "Poppy"  she lives in Tuscon, AR with her loving family!

"We couldn't have gotten a sweeter puppy then the one we got from you! Best regards to you and your family and your puppies!!"  Melinda


Hi Connie, I'm not sure if you remember me or name is Carrie and I bought my pekehund about 3 years ago. I went on your site and his pictures used to be on there along time ago and now they are not : ( I was wondering if you only put up recent puppies? I would like to send some more pics to show you how much he has grown up. We love him to pieces and he is sooooo good to our 1 1/2 year old son. We moved  a year ago and would like to give you our new address.


This "Zoe" the Snoodle she lives in Missouri with her forever family

   Look at these gorgeous Pekehunds !

  This is Roxy she lives in Bellvue, Nebraska in her new home.

  This adorable Pekehund girl lives in China, CA.



I bought Phoebe from you last year.  I wanted to let you know how much we love her!  She is the sweetest and funniest dog we have ever owned.  I noticed you were creating a page for pictures of dogs in their forever-homes.  Here is a picture of Phoebe, lying on my (or I should say 'our') bed, and one of her in her tiger costume that she wore to the homecoming parade.



This is "Precious" she lives with her family in Tucson, Arizona.

  Breeding  pre-spoiled lovable pets!

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