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Brady has the sweetest personality and is a very cherished member of our family now. 


    "Buddy" lives in Kansas !




Here are a couple of photos of Princess that you are more than welcome to use on your site. We want to share Princess so that others will know how darling doxiepoos are and how loving, caring, protective, playful, snuggly! She is the prefect puppy from Heaven for us! It's so funny to watch her grow. She didn't ever really grow much taller than when she was a puppy, only longer. She is 6 pounds now (from being at Maw Maw's house eating turkey under the dinner table!) She continues to get lighter and lighter in color. The bottom of her ears are the only areas that are the same puppy chocolate brown. She has the cutest 't' on her face that is almost white like her daddy! Are her mom and dad still alive? Will you breed them again?

So good to hear from you. We hope you are doing well! Enjoy this wonderful time of year as we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus!

Hugs to you and Jim,
Dave, Renee and Mackenzie



  Cute Little "Tara"


Breeding  pre-spoiled lovable pets!

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